Mechanical equipment maintenance system

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Mechanical equipment maintenance system

1Maintenance principles and requirements

1.1 In order to ensure that the mechanical equipment is always in a good technical state, can be put into operation at any time, reduce downtime days, improve the mechanical integrity rate and utilization rate, reduce mechanical wear and tear, extend the service life of the machinery, reduce the cost of mechanical operation and maintenance to ensure safe production, it must be Strengthen the maintenance of machinery and equipment;

1.2 Mechanical maintenance must implement the principle of "maintenance and maintenance, prevention first", to achieve regular maintenance and mandatory maintenance, and to correctly handle the relationship between use, maintenance and repair.

1.3 Each team must do a good job in the maintenance of various types of machinery according to the machinery maintenance procedures and maintenance categories, and must not delay without reason. In special cases, the maintenance can be postponed after the approval of the special engineer in charge, but generally it should not exceed half of the specified maintenance interval;

1.4 The maintenance of machinery must ensure the quality, and carry out item by item according to the specified items and requirements, and must not miss or fail to guarantee. Maintenance items, maintenance quality and problems found in maintenance should be recorded and reported to the specialists of this department;

1.5 Maintenance personnel and maintenance departments should achieve "three inspections and one handover (self-inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection and one-time handover qualification)", constantly sum up maintenance experience and improve maintenance quality;

1.6 The Asset Management Department regularly supervises and inspects the mechanical maintenance of each unit, checks the maintenance quality regularly or irregularly, and rewards the good and punishes the bad.

2 Implementation and supervision of maintenance work

2.1 Mechanical maintenance Adhere to the promotion of the "cross" operation method with "cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, tightening, and anti-corrosion" as the main content, implement routine maintenance and regular maintenance system, and strictly follow the cycle and inspection and maintenance items specified in the instruction manual.

2.2 Routine maintenance is the cleaning and inspection before and after the operation of the machine and during the process. It mainly checks the condition of key and vulnerable parts (such as mechanical safety devices), coolant, lubricant, fuel quantity, instrument indication, etc. Routine maintenance should be completed by the operator, and the "Mechanical Routine Maintenance Record" should be filled in carefully.

2.3 Primary maintenance: generally carry out cleaning, tightening and lubricating operations, and partially carry out adjustment operations to maintain the technical condition of the machinery in good condition. According to the maintenance plan, the asset management personnel of the user unit issue a "Mechanical Equipment Maintenance and Lubrication Notice" and send it to the operation team.

2.4 Secondary maintenance: including all the contents of primary maintenance, focusing on inspection and adjustment, to keep the mechanical assemblies, mechanisms and parts in good working performance. The "Mechanical Equipment Maintenance and Lubrication Notice" issued by the asset management personnel of the user unit is issued to the operation team, which is mainly completed by the operator himself. Squad leader inspection and supervision.


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